Accessible and affordable

The prices are all inclusive.

Prices include VAT.

The prices include* delivery within the specified region.

Rent 1 week = pay 5 days!


Electric bicycle
€30 per day*
€150 per week*

*Including delivery costs within the specified region (see map) and delivery/collection between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM

Eletric cargo bike 3 wheels
€40 per day**
€200 per week**

**Cargo bikes can only be picked up at our adress

Heavy-duty battery
€10 per day
€50 per week


Child seat regular bicyle
2 types of child seats: at the front on the steering wheel and for older children at the back.

€ 4 per day
€ 20 per week

Child seat carco bike
For children up to approximately 1 year old.

€ 4 per day
€ 20 per week

Phone holder
€ 2 per day
€ 10 per week

€ 2 per day
€ 10 per week

Helmet for adults in size S, M and L, for children in size XS and S.

€ 2 per day
€ 10 per week

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