At Fietsverhuur Schermer you are at the right place for a day of cycling in the polder

Bicycle rental Schermer is a small company that was founded at the end of 2022 by Bart and Marloes out of the need to be able to use electric bicycles in an accessible manner. Bart and Marloes are partners, both private and business. Together they are a strong team that enjoys working for Fietsverhuur Schermer.

When they moved to Schermer a few years ago, they actually liked it much better than they could have ever imagined. There is plenty of space, beautiful nature and plenty to do (also with children). Because they live in the Schermer themselves, they know how to find the nicest places and tastiest eateries effortlessly. An environment worth sharing.


The Schermer is a beautiful area. It is a polder in the former lake area of North Holland. There are dozens of authentic windmills that you can also enter or drive through Land van Leeghwater. Adjacent you will find the Beemster - a piece of UNESCO World Heritage - a unique polder landscape that is really worth a visit.

More to the west you will find the North Holland Dune Reserve, the Schoorlse Duinen and the beach. Great to cycle to on a sunny day. With the help of our electric bicycles you will be there in no time!

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